Why MyCardium

Why MyCardium



MyCardium was founded by Prof Mark Westwood, Prof James Moon, Prof Charlotte Manisty and Antony Shimmin after over 10 years of collaboration and the culmination of shared vision, ambition and identification of opportunity to improve cardiovascular care. After working with world leading AI experts who are also cardiologists, it became apparent that to take the software and expertise to market, a commercial vehicle needed to be created, and hence Mycardium was born. The company of circa 50 people who are either full time employees or directly contracted is growing quickly due to unprecedented demand for our services.

CEO Professor James Moon explains why he formed MyCardium AI

In order to harness the know-how and launch to market globally, MyCardium was formed in April 2022 and has rapidly developed to become a world leading innovator for cardiac imaging and core labs services. The unique blend of clinicians, academics, developers and scientists have combined to deliver our superhuman AI for measuring the heart, and a clinically led core lab service that offers far more than the what is traditionally expected. From study design to the ability to deliver leaner drug trials with less patients, potentially showing positive markers more quickly, pharma and biotechs benefit from our precision and accuracy. We have grown to become an international company based both in the UK and North America and continue to evolve with a relentless focus on quality, both in terms of products, services and after sales support.


Initial core lab contracts awarded pre launch

MyCardium AI registered at The Spine Building, 2 Paddington Village, Liverpool

First funding round completes

Intensive recruitment of full time employees starts

Commercial and Regulatory / QA Departments established.

First MyCardium Social Event – San Diego at SCMR

Completion of the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit

MyCardium AI Wins Tech Climber 2023 Award

Tech Climber Award

MyCardium recruits first North American employee

Second all company meeting held in London

Sponsors at #CMR2024 London

MyCardium AI Wins Tech Climber 2024 Award

Tech Climber Award
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