The MyCardium Team


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Chief Executive Officer: Professor James Moon

Professor James Moon

Chief Executive Officer
Director and Founder: Professor Charlotte Manisty

Professor Charlotte Manisty

Director and Founder
Director and Founder: Professor Mark Westwood

Professor Mark Westwood

Director and Founder
Director and Founder: Dr Robert Merrifield

Dr Robert Merrifield

Director and Founder
Director and Co-Founder:<br>Chief Operating Officer: Antony Shimmin

Antony Shimmin

Director and Co-Founder:
Chief Operating Officer
Director and Chief Commercial Officer: Ed Critchley

Ed Critchley

Director and Chief Commercial Officer
Non Executive Director: Julian Parker

Julian Parker

Non Executive Director

Senior Leadership Team

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Head of Marketing: Katrina Zaman

Katrina Zaman

Head of Marketing
Core Lab Medical Director: Dr. George Thornton

Dr. George Thornton

Core Lab Medical Director
Regulatory Lead: Michael Walker

Michael Walker

Regulatory Lead
Core Lab Project Manager: Jane Francis

Jane Francis

Core Lab Project Manager

Meet Some of Our Team

  • Dr Rhodri Davies
    Dr Rhodri Davies
    AI Development Lead
  • Dr Thomas Treibel
    Dr Thomas Treibel
    Clinical Lead
  • Dr Andrew Huntbatch
    Dr Andrew Huntbatch
    Senior Software Developer
  • Dr Hunain Shiwani
    Dr Hunain Shiwani
    Senior Machine Learning Engineer/Clinical Specialist
  • Sehr Kutraj
    Sehr Kutraj
    Core Lab Project Manager
  • Yang Chen
    Yang Chen
    Regulation and Quality Lead
  • Ranjitha Kemparaj
    Ranjitha Kemparaj
    Regulatory Assistant
  • John Ahmed
    John Ahmed
    Head of Partnerships
  • Manisha Grice
    Manisha Grice
    Operations Manager
  • Catherine Kirby
    Catherine Kirby
    Finance Controller
  • Durga Manoj Kumar Suja
    Durga Manoj Kumar Suja
    Data Analyst
  • Julie Biss
    Julie Biss
    Software Testing and Validation Engineer
  • Marcus Ellington
    Marcus Ellington
    Senior Software Developer
  • Hazel Jones
    Hazel Jones
    Project Manager
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