At Mycardium, we are leading the revolution in cardiovascular scanning. By harnessing the incredible potential of AI developed by clinicians, we are transforming the accuracy, precision, and consistency of diagnostic imaging. This is paving the way for new and innovative treatments that will save lives and greatly improve patient outcomes.

Mycardium offers specialised corelab services for CMR, which utilises our AI, designed by doctors for doctors who read and interpret scans.


We are dedicated to driving the development of new and innovative life-saving treatments and making it available to more people across the world.

We are accelerating medical advancements and pushing the boundaries of cardiovascular care.

As founder Professor James Moon, MB, BCh, MRCP, MD stated: “I founded Mycardium AI to bring next generation AI to everyone, everywhere, transforming care quality and outcomes”.



  • James Moon
  • Professor Charlotte Manisty
  • Professor Mark Westwood


Services : Core Labs

Our MRI core lab services are built on the knowledge from best in field clinical staff, and utilise the precision of our AI to provide next generation core labs, potentially enabling a requirement for less patients and faster results due to superhuman precision and accuracy.

What sets our Core Lab service apart is the collective expertise and hands-on experience of our clinicians. Trained doctors provide the reads, with further senior level oversight and benchmarking ensuring the highest quality of output.


Services : Core Labs

At Mycardium, we are proud to introduce our state-of-the-art 1CMR software - a game-changer in the field of MRI scanning.

Developed by doctors for doctors and using open standards, it is compatible with all MRI scanners and provides the speed, ease of use and features that will give clinicians more time with their patients.

1CMR Software Gives CMR Visualisation in Moments

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Mycardium Achieves ISO 27001 Certification
Mycardium Achieves ISO 27001 Certification
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