Core Lab Services

Core Lab Services

MyCardium AI is a Medical Imaging core lab supporting pharmaceutical and academic institutions conducting drug and clinical trials. Our global positioning allows us to provide complete services and a team that can support stages of clinical studies.

Our team possesses scientific and regulatory experts, project management skills and operational excellence to manage all the clinical trial imaging components of Phase I-IV clinical trials. Our ISO-27001 and ICH-GCP certified teams ensure your data is safe.

Study Management:

Our teams specialize in

  • Providing imaging core lab services supporting Phase I-IV Clinical Trials.
  • Study management and have proven experience managing international clinical trials.
  • Managing all aspects of the imaging portion of the clinical trial
  • Ensuring successful completion of studies

Site Management:

Our teams specialize in

  • Where required, assistance with site selection due to our extensive knowledge, data interpretation and analysis plus study management and regulatory strategy.
  • When required, managing imaging sites, ensuring all sites are qualified, trained and able to acquire and submit images as per the imaging charter.
  • Checking the quality of images uploaded by the sites, ensuring they are suitable for the study and capable of providing the optimal results.
  • Quality outputs. We control the quality of every time point to ensure the best possible imaging throughout the entire clinical trial.
  • On site training to ensure high-quality data.
  • If required, managing international imaging sites participating in Phase I-IV Clinical trials.
Core Lab Benefits

Imaging Charter

Our world class experience in MRI enables the optimal approach to image acquisition, factoring site knowledge and experience into the documentation. We believe it is critical to avoid overcomplicating the documentation and engaging with the site’s existing way of working as much as possible to maintain engagement. We speak ‘tech to tech’ as and when required, and this can even involve visiting site to train and monitor image acquisition. All our documentation goes through multiple inputs and sign offs based on the study to ensure it will help deliver a successful study.

Image Acquisiton Protocol

We recognize that ensuring the correct acquisition of each participant's imaging timepoint is essential. Our highly skilled team is available to assist with site compliance. Our ISO-certified processes ensure that the processing of participant images received from sites is implemented and monitored to the highest standard. Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure the quality and compliance of every participant scan.

Core Labs Services chart

Core Labs Site Management

Site Management

  • International Site management
  • Global Experience
  • On Site training
Core Labs Study Management

Study Management

  • Core lab services supporting Phase I-IV Clinical Trials
  • Ensure successful completion of studies
  • Highly qualified team
Core Labs Data Analysis

Data Analysis

  • Imaging charter
  • Delivering accurate, high quality and timely biostatistics
  • Planning, Analysis and Reporting
Core Labs Data Management

Data Management

  • ISO27007: 2013 Certified
  • Clean, secure database
  • Tailored approach to site logistics


Click on the team members below for further details.

Core Lab Operations Manager: Patricia Feuchter

Patricia Feuchter

Core Lab Operations Manager
Core Lab Medical Director: Dr. George Thornton

Dr. George Thornton

Core Lab Medical Director
Core Lab Project Manager: Jane Francis

Jane Francis

Core Lab Project Manager
Senior Machine Learning Engineer/Clinical Specialist: Dr Hunain Shiwani

Dr Hunain Shiwani

Senior Machine Learning Engineer/Clinical Specialist
Core Lab Project Manager: Sehr Kutraj

Sehr Kutraj

Core Lab Project Manager
Project Manager: Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones

Project Manager

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